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Meet The Therapists

We have personally used these same ideas and teaching tools to develop a strong and loving marriage partnership since 1983. You will be able to readily apply what you learn from us in your daily life, enhancing personal and professional relationships with improved communication, cooperation and empathy.

Humanistic therapist for marital, premarital & individual counseling near reading boston massachusetts

The highest form of training, in any field, successfully combines real world hands on experience with theoretical learning for a higher level of professional competence. Our training is a combination of experiential as well as theoretical.

As you work with us, we will:

  • Be fair and open-minded
  • Teach you the causes of self-defeating behaviors
  • Respect your actions
  • Treat what you say and do with care and with dignity
  • Empathize with your pain and hurt
  • Be honest with you
  • Act compassionately toward the wide range of feelings and behaviors that you may have
  • Be sincere
Building confidence & self concept with cognitive behavioral therapy near boston Woburn MA, Reading North Reading Beverly massachusetts
Relieving anxiety & depression with humanistic counseling services boston near Saugus Burlington  Beverly Boston Metro, Melrose massachusetts