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Psychotherapy is very personal work, which is why a face-to-face interview prior to hiring a therapist is very important. Gaining in-depth knowledge of a therapist's credentials, experience, techniques and how they will directly affect the quality of your therapy is a very important part of the interview process. Another important aspect of interviewing is to see how safe you feel with the therapist in the therapist's office as well as how the therapist treats you as a person.

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We are very consumer-oriented and offer a complimentary interview as an opportunity to ask us about our training, experience and opinions, as well as what sets us apart from other forms of psychotherapy, and any other curiosity questions that you may have. In addition to sharing our professional credentials and experience, we will provide you with any necessary information that you require to make an informed decision. We have a comfortable, friendly office in Wakefield, Massachusetts, located 10 minutes from Routes 1, 128, and 93.

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Please call us to schedule a complimentary interview:


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